Here are some fascinating facts about translation

Whether it is a normal document, an advertisement campaign or a legal issue that needs documentation, today the business field is rife with opportunities for translators. the translators who have the basic qualification along with the required proficiency in the language are more sought than their management counterparts.
If you think that you have it in you:
If you have the passion and the drive to read and to convey in another language without compromising the clarity and the content along with the essence of the work, we want you to join us immediately.
Translators are actually ambassadors:
When you are in foreign services, you are doing patriotic service for your country. take heart that as a translator you are doing an equally noble job because you are trying to draw the customs and the tradition of your country in a language that is intelligible to the other parts of the world. So, in fact you are the ambassador of goodwill from your country, your culture that is inviting all the other people in the world to come and experience it first hand from your eyes and from the words in your mouth. You need to apply at our head office by shooting us an email with your resume. You also need to tell us in not less than five hundred words why you want to work with us. The text can be a test for your proficiency in the language too. So, let it be extremely original and not copied from any other source. :
A simple proficiency test will also be required of you:
We will be conducting a short grammar test to check on your proficiency. If we find your result satisfactory and your aptitude right you will be reinstated in the company with immediate effect with world class salary and best perks along with housing and education allowances for your family.


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