Here are some fascinating facts about translation

For a long time I never realized that translation is a specialized profession. Infact till recently, I never knew that there were at least 350,000 translators who are registered and are working relentlessly translating the greatest of all works. This number by the way does not include those translators who do not belong to any institution but informally do translation as freelancers. The number thus is very big. It can almost be accorded as a separate discipline in itself.
Sometimes, the translated version is better:
“Original is the best” is an adage. But sometimes the translated version turns out better. So thinks Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a Spanish Nobel Laureate who thinks his original wok in Spanish when translated into English as “One Hundred Years of Solitude” was much better than his original manuscript. That is one of the best tributes that one can give translators. A lot of times it is felt by the translator community that they are not given their due recognition. People tend to see the original work in the translation and the work of the translator is never accredited. It is a professional hazard as some of them put it. sometimes, the work is of such an epic nature that translators have to give it their all in order to make sure that the essence of the prose and the poetry is not lost.

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